Photos Australia
Nita's photos from Hale Conservation Park S.A.
Glenys's photos of a wonderful preserved piece of bushland, nestled in between the pine forests, on a misty day in Kuitpo. S.A.
Ian's photos of the Barossa Goldfield Walking Trail, Parawirra Recreational Park S.A.
Bushwalk in the Belair National Park S.A.
Cuttlefish photos from Point Lowly in South Australia's Spencer Gulf. S.A.
This little cutie is an angler fish. It's superb camouflage is meant to make it look like a sponge covered in tube worms and red algae - isn't it brilliant?! Photo by Paul Macdonald. — at Edithburgh Jetty.
Here are some beautiful photos from Colleen and Rick from a trip to Liffey Forest Reserve in Tasmania.
Liffey Forest Reserve is a World Heritage Area and these images certainly show why. Thanks Colleen and Rick for sharing your visit with us all. Tas.
Bushwalk at Mt Magnificent S.A.
Bushwalk at Morphett Vale Sundews Track.S.A.
Bushwalk at Peter's Hill, Kapunda, S.A.
A wander in Morialta Falls S.A.
Nita and Ian's trip to Fraser Island Qld.
Binna Burra - Lamington National Park, Qld.
Christian's Photos from a week's hike in
The Tarkine, Tasmania
It is stated that Arthur River is one of the last truly "wild rivers" of Australia. This Tarkine area of North West Tasmania is a recognised wilderness area of world value and densely forested with myrtles, sassafras, celery-top pine, laurels, blackwoods, and giant tree ferns.
The Tarkine is not a National Park and is under threat of mining from two companies.
Arthur River
Arthur Pieman Area
"The Edge Of The World"
A Monitor
Christian's Photos of his 12 day rafting trip down the Franklin River, Tasmania
Pig Trough Falls
The Franklin from above Iren Abyss
The Entrance
Rock Island Bend
Eastern Quoll
Rock Island Bend Falls
The Franklin from below Iren Abyss
Wolf's photos of
The Coorong, S.A.
Karen's photos in
Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park
Tennyson Dunes
A red capped plover (Charadrius ruficapillus)
Bearded Dragon
Gluepot Reserve
A flock of 40 Regent Parrots drinking at Whistler Hide in the early morning, all at the same time it seemed!
Elise, one of the current rangers, writes:
"We saw this creature on the Gypsum Lunette Walk, he's at least 8 cm long, and I sent the photo off to the SA Museum... It is one of the Robber Flies ((family; Asilidae) (Phellus olgae) . But I think it may really be an alien...!"
Chestnut Quail-thrush on track 8 in late afternoon sunlight, photo by Peter Waanders
Gluepot also harbours an amazing variety of reptiles. Here's a Southern Spiny-tailed Gecko
Uluru in the rain
Photos from Parks Australia
John Forrest NP Western Australia
John Forrest National Park is one of Australia's oldest conservation areas and Western Australia's first national park.
Baby wombat peaking out from his Mums pouch. A brilliant example of a backward facing pouch. A wombats pouch faces backwards to prevent dirt from entering the pouch. Thanks to Strathewan Wildlife Shelter in Victoria for sharing this often unseen view of a baby wombat in a pouch.
Macquarie Island, Tasmania.
Macquarie Island is a World Heritage Area, 1,300 kilometers south-east of Tasmania in the Southern Ocean. Despite the challenging weather, Macquarie Island is a popular tourist destination. Rangers show visitors colonies of the penguin species - kings, rockhoppers, royals and gentoos - and elephant seals.
King Penguin Face-off
Light-mantled sooty albatross
Sniffing out rabbits, pest irradication
Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens
Photos from Jane
Heysen Trail Walk, Victor Harbor
Photos from Jane
Pacific Gull
Easy trail right along the cliff tops.
Lunch break.
Almost at the car!
Rick and Colleen's photos of Maroochy Wetland Sanctuary, Bli Bli, Queensland.
Some roos in Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens.
Photos from Jane
Here's a photo months later of the same baby with her mum, Minibus.
Richard's photo of the domes on the clifftop walk at Maslin's Beach, S.A.
Jane and Wolf's winter walk in Kuitpo Forest
Gorse Bitter-pea
Daviesia ulicifolia
Flame Heath
Astroloma conostephioides
Twiggy Guinea flower
Hibbertia virgata
Pink-eyed Susan
Tetratheca pilosa
Laratinga Wetlands
Mt Barker
Nesting White Faced Heron
Superb Fairy Wren
Woorabinda Reserve 2013 Stirling, Adelaide Hills
Caripook Park, Bridgewater. SA
This smallish park has a creek, bridge, BBQ area, small gazebo, benches and tables. It is fenced, but not dog proof, and if you are alone there you can let your dog run free. If your dog is under "effective control" the fencing should be adequate, if mine:), you need to keep a lead on anyway, so perfect for a visit on or off lead.
There are some nice views from the hillside over the bridge and some beautiful native plantings have greatly enhanced the park. A mowed grass area gives plenty of room to play, run, kick a ball, get in some batting practise.
Sunset tour at Brookfield Conservation Park
Part of one of the many wombat warrens
Wombat poo stack :)
Mallee Habitat
Saltbush Habitat
Itchy Butt Trees are everywhere!
Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park. Images from SA Natureteers
Click Here to see Bill's great Bird Watching Photos.
Sunset over the gulf from Mt Lofty lookout.
This is the sunset from Mt Lofty Lookout in April. You can get there by bike, car, or be one of those fit folk who walk and run up from Waterfall Gully!! We drove and had a pizza while we watched the sun go down over the gulf. Part of Cleland Conservation Park, there is a $3 parking fee that goes towards the park's care.
Cleland Wildlife Park.
Montacute Conservation Park.
Some photos from Michal from SA Natureteers
Rhinotia hemistictus aka Long-nosed Weevil
Asterella drummondii, a Liverwort
Eumerus peltatus aka Native-bee-mimic Fly (?)
Arthropodium strictum aka Dichopogon strictus, Chocolate Lily
Choerocoris paganus aka Red Jewel Bug